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Opening Kit Pro
Opening Kit Pro
Item ID: 30-21460-98
Brand: IPG




Quick and easy to use

1. Remove pool cover and ice buffers (see note below).
2. Reinstall and/or close all drain plugs. Flush and drain all piping to waste.
3. Remove any surface stains and thoroughly clean away winter water line with AMAZE.
4. Reconnect chemical feeding equipment, if any.
5. Fill pool to normal operating level. While pool is filling add in STAIN PREVENT to prevent staining, scaling or water discoloration.
6. Backwash and thoroughly clean filter with FILTER CLEANER (following directions on bottle), then put filter into operation.
7. With pump and filter operating broadcast OXY PRO over surface of pool.
8. Wait 12 hours then add in ALGIKILL 600 following directions on the bottle.
9. The next day test chlorine level. If level is between 1-2 ppm commence regular chlorine program, if under 1 ppm, shock pool.

After operating pump and filter continuously for 48 to 72 hours, take a water sample to YOUR IPG DEALER for a complete WATER ANALYSIS. If necessary make adjustments to pH, ALKALINITY, HARDNESS and STABILIZER as recommended by your IPG DEALER.
Allow pool water to filter continuously for first week backwashing and cleaning filter as required.

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Opening Kit Pro